Cyber Marvel


Something smells rotten...

Wolverine and Shadowcat are staking out The Raft.

Jessica Jones is playing bodyguard for Matt Murdoch and Foggy Nelson.

Agent Coulson is escorting the lawyer team of Murdoch and Nelson, with Jessica, to see a special client being held at The Raft.

There’s a tremendous electrical display over the East River. All of Manhattan and the surrounding boroughs have lost power. Jessica Jones and Agent Coulson are confronted by Count Nefaria as he attempts of make his escape. A combination of Agent Coulsons ICER gun and Jessica Jones super strength stops him in his tracks. In the commotion, Foggy Nelson fled further into the maze of hallways, followed by Matt Murdoch. Foggy is ambushed by Carnage, but Jessica Jones comes to his rescue. While Jessica hides Foggy to keep him safe, Coulson subdues Carnage using technological sidearms. Meanwhile, Matt Murdoch has located his mysterious client Robert Reynolds.

Topside, Wolverine and Shadowcat begin aiding SHIELD Agents in apprehending inmates. Tiger Shark and Armadillo attempt to make a break for it, but are slowed down because they are shackled together. Wolverine and Shadowcat make short work of them and descend deeper into The Raft to restore power. While Wolverine holds off the mob of prisoners, Shadowcat works at jury rigging the power systems and reestablishing the extraordinary security measures.

Who or what caused the explosion remains unanswered. Several Raft inmates have escaped, including numerous supervillians that hold grudges against the heroes.


Skurvyninja Skurvyninja

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