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Milestones for Any Hero

You’re happy to do other people’s dirty work, until you’re not.

  • 1 XP When you get orders from an agency, or send information back to them.
  • 3 XP When you successfully use an information based asset you have created against someone.
  • 10 XP When you are captured and brainwashed by an enemy, turn double agent, or come in from the cold.

In Business
You work hard for your money.

  • 1 xp when you discuss your business with potential clients, competitors, or partners.
  • 3 xp when you close an important deal or an important deal falls through at the last minute.
  • 10 xp when you expand into new territory, or retire as CEO.

On Patrol
The mean streets won’t partol themselves.

  • 1 xp when you encounter a crime in progress while on patrol.
  • 3 xp when your patrols are the center of a conflict in your daily life.
  • 10 xp when you gain a reputation for patrolling your neighborhood, or you give up patrolling.

Being rank and file isn’t all bad.

  • 1 xp when you follow an active order, or report for orders.
  • 3 xp when you follow a leader into battle and your side wins the conflict.
  • 10 xp when you get promoted, or become bitter because your actions are not being rewarded.

Can you save the world and still get the grade?

  • 1 XP When you attend class during a scene.
  • 3 XP When attending class is the cause of conflict or stress.
  • 10 XP When you become the favored student/star pupil, or when you fail the class.

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